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Christina Kim Struggles With Depression

from my blog: LPGA Star Christina Kim Chronicles Battle With Depression On Blog | Fairways and Forehands

To say that the image of Christina Kim on the LPGA is one of being an unbridled free spirit is an understatement. So it comes as a surprise to read of her struggle with depression. To hear Christina talk of thoughts of suicide makes me think of the tragic passing of Erica Blasberg. I’m sure there are a lot of people who can offer up dime store psychoanalysis of Christina and what she needs or doesn’t need. I would only say that she needs to continue seeking treatment from a credible psychologist. Just taking the steps she already has is a good sign. To read Christina’s blog entry…and I recommend reading it…please go here: Christina Kim’s Struggle With Depression
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Good podt, BKB. It goes to show that we can't always tell what goes on with some people by their public persona.
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From my observation, Christina Kim has a number of emotional issues. Sorry to hear that depression is one of them. This can be a tough illness to overcome.
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Wow, Bobby - What an eye-opener. These girls deal with so much.
Thanks for posting this.
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