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Hi ya Big Burt...now that I think about it...I think it was Eddie Cantor...or maybe Al Jolsen....ahhhh what memories...I can see the singer now....skipping across the stage with their White Gloved hands clapping

let's sing it...are you ready Maestro...just to fluster MarinePaul and pump up the ol'Buzzer Heart....ready ....Hit It

I've Been away a long time
Never thought I'd miss you so
But I do...the way I do
Swannie....I miss you so oh.....

how I love ya...how I love ya...
My dear ol Swannie
I'd give the world to see...
among the folks in D-I-X-I-Even know my mammys
Waiting for me,
Praying for me...
my dear ol Swannie
the folks up North will
See me no more
As I get into Swannie's Shore
How I love that Swannie
Mammy...Mammie...I love the ol' folks at home

ahh shucks folks...I am now having a TEAR in my one good eye.....Yikes!!! I am coming just like "Nearsighted, close to Blind Wiesy"....hmmm....let's go Wiesy....let's win one for the "almost Blind people of the golf world"....go Wiesy go!!!

Toot toot tootsie goodbye
Toot toot tootsie Don't cry

Have a good day folks.....see ya!!

Last edited by wiefan; 10-13-2011 at 04:22 PM. Reason: just remembered the introduction while proof reading...lol
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It was Al Jolson, wiefan.

Even WE aren't old enough to remember its debut!
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Dang, Wiefan....you must be older than dirt. And here I thought you were a spring chicken.

Viva Annika
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I don't know why but Wie will not play in Taiwan this week.
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