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Solheim Cup

Since I have become a retiree I know have time to sit around and wonder about things, my latest wondering is about the Solheim Cup. Do they have a governing body or board of directors or is it a collaboration between the LET, LPGA and the Karlsson’s. Annika is visiting Killeen Castle for Solheim Cup meetings
ONLY 365 more days until Solheim Cup play..
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Originally Posted by Balabill View Post
collaboration between the LET, LPGA and the Karlsson’s. ..
Karlsson's ?

It is between LPGA,LET and Karsten Manufacturing (makers of Ping)

The original man's name was Karsten Solheim. He started the Cup and the company. The Solheim family is still in charge. I think he is from Norway. That's why it is between US and Europe. He basically wanted to copy the Ryder Cup.

Annika was named a vice captain for the Euro Team. (Meaning she will most likely be the captain in 2013).
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