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Top 5 of US is OK.
Kerr, Creamer, Pressel,Stanford,Lewis.
The Bottom 5 is has been playing terrible.

The top 5 of Euro needs to bring there A game (and I think they will with home field advantage).
Pettersen Hjorth Nordqvist Matthew Gustafson
At best the can hope to cancel out the US top players. If they don't then the Euros will be crushed. However that is an experienced front line.

The middle will decide it. The US will need Wie and Lincicome to come up big. The Euro's need Gal and Hedwall to come up big.

It will be interesting how the capt's set their pairs and then how they adjust. Do not underestimate the capt's roles here.
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How do they decide who (what pairings and/or singles) plays whom....does the home capt have any advantage?

Viva Annika
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Originally Posted by Buzzer View Post
How do they decide who (what pairings and/or singles) plays whom....does the home capt have any advantage?

Viva Annika
They don't know what the other side is going to do in terms of pairings or order.

The capt's have to decide who on their teams they should put together and in what order, without knowing what the other capt' is going to do.

Do you put your weaker together with strong, long with short. Personalities that may work together? Do you adjust your groups as you go on?

What about singles, where it all comes down to anyway. Front load your best players to try to put it away early? Hold your best back for the final groups?

Basically you submit your lineup blind and they submitt there lineup blind for the round.

Strategy is part of the fun.

Basically I would try set my pairs to A. match up on personalities and B. players with games that mesh together well. (Presssel and Creamer, Wie and Lincicome) as 2 examples.

For singles I would try to mix it up but put my 2 best players (Kerr and Creamer) in the last 2 groups

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Lots of posters have Wie and C. Kim together. They way they are playing, it is almost like a give away to the Europeans. J. Inkster, Ryann and Hurst need a real good player along to have a chance.
On the other side Sophie has not been performing, Laura D. is a big question. Nordqvist had a bad event but should be in good shape for the Cup and will probably be paired with Maria H. a very consistent player.
I agree with xman, the top USA players could have a field day, the problemn is the bottom of the USA team. Rosie needs to get them off their current slump.

In Ireland, I will go with the Europeans. Any bragging rights bets Mr3putt? 15-13 Europe.
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OK game on...what's the wager?

I was going to start a thread as the SC comes closer on predicted pairings...but there seems to be some discussion now.

I'll only reply on my predicted US pairings and it generally based on 4ball matches.
For 4ball..... best to pair (if possible) a short hitter with a long hitter.

I predict: Kerr, Pressel, Stanford, Creamer and Lewis to play all 5 matches. If Bam Bam didn't need her daily nap....she should play all 5 too.

Kerr & Lewis
Pressel & Bam Bam
Wie & Kim
Stanford and Lang
Creamer & O'Toole
Inkster & Hurst

Let's see if Rosie uses any of my choices in 4ball or 4somes.
Too many permutations and combinations of pairing choices to predict.
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First day matches Four Ball I play similar and compatible players together.

1) Creamer-Pressel
2) Lewis-Kerr
3) Stanford-Lang
4) Lincicome-Wie

Foursomes (Alternate Shot) I try to combine skills of each that together make the best individual golfer. Not just long with short.

1) Kerr-Wie (Good putter with bad)
2) Creamer-Pressel (Good Mix - either can be streaky putter, so hopefully one is on)
3) Lincicome-Kim
4) O'toole-Stanford (Give the long rookie a chance here but with the vet Stanford)

Taking a chance mixing up my groups on day one. One thing that is tough to know from the oustside is who is friendly with who. Maybe A does not like B and should not play with B. My selections are based more on golf. Kerr-Wie, maybe a clash. Is Wie better off with Kim? Lincicome-Kim, laid back with in your face? So many choices.

Day 2 reevaluate based on day 1 results. Get Hurst and Inkster involved in Morning day2.

Day 3 Singles

Put my top players in the front and back and pray my middle does ok.


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I think Bam Bam might pair up with Lang again in 4 balls but Wie would work too. I think she'd probably be paired with a putter in the alternate shot.

Creamer and Pressel together? That may not work as well on a long hitting course for either 4balls or alternate.

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Sophie and Alison

With the 2011 Solheim Cup almost upon us, here is a look back at the announcement of the 2011 European Team as well as a brief Q&A with captain Alison Nicholas. Hopefully, it will be another great competition.

Don't fear failure. — Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.

---Bruce Lee

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