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Originally Posted by LoJo View Post
Baloney. Crowds are not boisterous enough that a player, after missing a putt, can't check with their Opponent to see if the next stroke is conceded.

Concessions are often given by opponents without verbalizing it...sometimes as a hand signal or a nod indicating "pick it up." If you don't know whether a putt has been conceded, you don't pick it up....period.

It's evident you don't play much golf, and clearly have never experienced playing Match Play.

Eliminating putt concessions is laughable.
I don't play a lot of golf (about 10 rounds a year) but I play and watch enough to understand how match play works.

As I said, it's all about keeping up with the times.

A lot of golf rules need to be changed to keep up with, for example, an environment like the Solheim Cup with thousands of boisterous fans in attendance and where a player can't tell if a fan yelled "it's good" or if their opponent said it. In fact, that's what Allison Lee said. She said she didn't know if "it's good" came from a fan or from Charley or Suzann. And she said she didn't hear Lincicome yelling "don't pick it up."

A match shouldn't be dependent on hearing accurately in a large crowd.

I get it if you don't want to change. You represent the "don't change anything school of golf." You're been advocating that here for years. That's your right. You can defend all of these archaic practices as your beloved game of golf disappears into oblivion.
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"A lot of golf Rules need to be changed...." ?

Specifically, which other Rules do you believe need to be changed?

The Rules are ever-changing to keep up with advancements in the game, whether they be for agronomic, technological, or any other pertinent reasons. Golf's worldwide governing bodies work to ensure the Rules are relevant to modern times. The Rules of Golf are amended and revised every 4 years. (I'm sure you know this since you play 10 times a year and "watch golf.")

Additionally, the Decisions on the Rules of golf are on a two year cycle of review and amending. (Again...I apologize. I'd guess you have the latest version of the Decisions on your desk.)

The Solheim "incident" turned out badly because there was a misunderstanding and an apparent lack of communication between 4 players in a Match. A Rookie player made a big mistake and a Veteran player decided to take advantage of that mistake.

Maybe you should contact the USGA and give them your reasons for wanting their Archaic rules changed.
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