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I know this board is new so lets get some talk happening about the players. Laura really is a Solheim stalwart. She has 66 wins world wide. All the talk is about the young players but I doubt any of them will ever have this many wins. One of the reasons is they don't travel. Laura has been everywhere and won everywhere. Something that will not happen with the modern player. But you know Laura is loved world wide because she is a great embassidor of the game. I had the pleasure last year of following Laura in a small tournament in Australia. I had watched her many times before but to be able to walk behind her with no ropes or marshalls was a thrill. I had my video going the whole time and she did not mind. Lots of lesser players would have made a fuss. It really is about entertaintment. We pay they entertain. Laura is a true entertainer.
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Yes, Laura is a character with great experience. I had the lovely opportunity to have a few "beverages" with her and some other people a few years back in Hawaii and she sure is a fun laid-back lady.....a good pool player as well. :D
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