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Class act

It was tough to watch Laura struggle near the end but after watching tgc and seeing her post round interview I will say shes one of the classiest players. She gave a fantastic interview with such honesty. Brian Hammonds asked if she would pitch out of the bunker on 18 if she could do it over and she said no, her strength isnt pitching out and wedging to ten feet, its hitting a 2 iron out of the bunker over a lip to ten feet and winning the tournament. I thought that was a great answer and I hope she can get herself back up there and get a couple more wins.
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Here's a nice article on Laura after the Ginn. Helps explain why she's so easy to root for...

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I like Laura also. She kind of reminds me of John Daly, without the drinking, gambling, etc. of course, because she's true to who she is and what kind of player she is. Great to see she's not afraid to tell it like it is, but not in a mean sprited way.

It was nice to hear that she supports the ELPGA as much as she can.
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Laura has always been easy to root for. I saw her for the first time, I think, 1987. She gripped the club all the way down on the grip on all shots.. it was amazing to watch. She hit it soooo much further than anyone else at that time. I have been a big fan ever since. I also remember her big feet........
She is always gracious in defeat and when she wins she is the most popular winner.
I do have to correct both the reporter and Nuage. The Ladies European Tour is called the LET. It's been changed a few times so it's easy to get it wrong..
Laura LOVES to gamble.............................. a lot!!!!!!!! Not quite to the extent of John Daly but if you take in to consideration John's income and Laura's income I think their gambling is very very similar

Have a good day
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Thumbs up

Hi all...I have a funny story that happened to me this weekend while golfing.It goes to show how popular Laura Davies really is.

I was paired up Saturday with three other older guys,and as we were golfing,I noticed one of them driving around the fairway picking up divots.

When we reached the next hole,I saw that he had several divots in the cart with him.On the first par 3 we came to,he teed up his ball on one of them.I said to him "Teeing it up like Laura Davies are you?"...and all three guys looked at me shocked.One of them said to me "I'm surprised you know who Laura Davies is in the first place,I'm stunned that you knew that is how she tees it up sometimes".I had a laugh while explaining how big of a LPGA fan I was.
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Great article/interview with Laura here http://sport.independent.co.uk/golf/article2717227.ece
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Laura is a great golfer and a great person. Coming off the 18th at the Ladies English Open yesterday (7/7/07) she had time to give her autograph for those who wanted it. She gave her ball to one of the volunteers following her game. At one tournament in the past she and her caddie went to the clubhouse only to be told that her caddie wasn't allowed in. She told the jobsworth on the door that if her caddie wasn't going in then neither was she and spent the rest of the time with the caddies. A true legend.
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I'd love her to do some TV commentaries again. I remember seeing her do some 'on course' work at the 2002 Open at Muirfield.

She would fit in so well with Sky's brilliant and sometimes irreverent commentaries from the likes of Boxall and Riley.
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