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That's real easy to say dj, now lets see her back up your words. I've been reading that same kind of bravado from the wiefans.

You say Karrie at her best would beat Annika's best 6 out of 10 times. Based on what? You've already stated that Annika's best year was better than Karrie's best.
"There's no use arguing with a fool. He only rages and scoffs, and tempers flare."
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obviously thats my opinion, but during annika's great stretch, karrie was struggling more than annika was when karrie was the best. annika is more consistent than any player ever and im not saying karrie will be better or beat her records or anything, i just think that if karrie played well every week as good as she can, much like annika has, than i really think she would have a chance to beat annika head to head 60 percent of the time.

in 99 karrie had 21 of 23 events in the top ten with 15 top 3's and 11 top 2's with 5 wins. thats outstanding.

just my opinion, not picking favorites or anything just throwing out a thought.
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Congratulations to Karrie


Your Stats from '99 were great to note and sure hightlight the great golfer Karrie is. It is so pleasing to note the new Karrie emerging and having fun. It was a great Tournment to follow. It was an outstandiong win for Karrie.


Best Wishes from the land of Oz.
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A very strong performance, reminiscent of some of Karrie's dominant performances in years past!
:) 8)

Whatever happens next, it's shaping up to be a great battle for Player of the Year and the Vardon Trophy! :D

It's great to see Webbie enjoying the process...! :)

Go, Karrie, go!
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I am always very careful to proclaim that Karrie is back, but it is certainly great to see her playing really well. There is a long way to go to the end of the season, and then the discussion about who has the better year, might be easier to answer. Having said that - go Webbey
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