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Cool A Toast To A Thriller Of A Finish...!

Kudos to Webbie and Se Ri for final round fireworks at the McDonald's.

Just when it looked like advantage Webbie, Se Ri hits what is arguably one of the two best shots of the year!

Webbie holes out in the Nabisco, Se Ri hits it to inches in the McDonald's,...what are we in store for in the U.S. Open?

Well played Karrie!

Onward to the U.S. Open!
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what are we in store for in the U.S. Open?

Well, based on the late nineties retro feel of the major winners so far, and the fact that she has a better average finish than anybody in the Open since 2000......I feel one of those memorable moments where the battered and beaten athlete relies on little more than guts and nuts to pull out a miracle win. Your 2006 US Open winner? Kelly Robbins. With enough Webbie on the final day to make things more heart-stopping than the first two majors.
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Gochips, welcome to the site. You could be right, but I have to go with Annika. She's starting to put it all back together.
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Well Webbey has shown that the Nabisco was not a flash in the pan - so I reckon she is a good bet for the US Open - the one she really wants
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I have to agree with MarinePaul...Annika seems to be pulling it together, so I have to go with her.
And, while I welcome you to the site, Gochips, I have to disagree with your selection of Kelly Robbins. I think Kelly was very good at one time...but I understand that her health (a back problem, I believe) is not 100%...and on a course set up for an Open that is a great disadvantage.
Viva Annika
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Webbie is really playing well this year and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see her be a big factor at the US Open.

I was hoping she'd win the LPGA so we could have the drama of a possible Karrie-Slam this year.

Though I'd love to see Annika win the Women's Open, her driving this year is very suspect and...as we know...wayward tee shots at a USGA event are death. Don't know that she can contend with the problems she's had this year so far.

But...it would be neat....the first three majors.... Karrie, Se Ri, Annika! Like old times.
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First, an apology to the Webb fans, for using her board to talk about another player - although you guys are a good bunch and probably don't mind.

Wanted to reply to Buzzer re: Kelly Robbins. You are right about her back not being 100 percent, it's probably not even 50%. But you combine the fact that she always plays her best at the Open with the fact that it's likely her last opportunity to play one and that the USGA gave her an exemption and there's a very good chance that she'll leave everything she's got on the course and play much better than her present skills say she should.

PS.....Bandit.......while the US Open IS a nice win .......it's no Australian Open :-)
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Congrats to Karrie, another fine win....and look out British Open....down-under is on top!

And a big hi to Bandit....good to see you in here mate, (you do say that for females to....right)? :-)
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