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Smile Phoenix win & 2009 season?

Congrats to Webbie for a well deserved win!

Lots of fireworks on the front nine on Sunday, followed by Ji Yai keeping the pressure on throughout the back nine.

It was apparent in the post round interview how much it means to Karrie to win on the LPGA Tour again, and with her confidence buoyed and her putting touch re-emerging, hopefully it may foreshadow another season like 2006.

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wayne1 - your right, in that interview you could see the effort and emotions she has put in to regain the winning circle again... lots of blood sweat & tears.

The influx of dedicated hard working Asian golfers has upped the level of golf, and those golfers before it's arrival had to adjust or sink. Webbie has achieved that new level... not easy, and a long swim, but it sure pays off in the end.

As for her to repeat 2006 results... at this new level she may surprise allot now, even herself. Not all the older pros have achieved the new level needed yet, and the field may be wide open for pros like Karrie and Pat and Angela and Se Ri... etc, who are at the new level of skilled-golf. I think we have just seen the tip of the iceberg, for excitement to come yet this year. And I mean that in both gender of pro golf, and I also mean world wide, maybe even an historical sight to see.

Man.... sometimes I am just too posititive to be believed... just my feelings of present and future things in the world of golf. :-)
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Congratulations Karrie!!!!!
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Thumbs up

It made me smile to hear her say, "I played like Karrie Webb this week...!"

Webbie has always had a tremendous work ethic, and the talent and ball-striking to accompany it.

After the swing changes, it's a pleasure to see her returning to form again, and moreover enjoying the moment! She's definitely got more shots in the bag now.

I think the real struggle has been learning to take a new mental approach to both her game and her life. She used to be extremely hard on herself. Perfectionism is a double edged sword.

It's been a pleasure to watch Webbie play throughout her career, and there's a lot left to be written!

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