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Smile Magic Moments

Karrie has provided the magic momemt of the year for us fans. What more could we ask for than the shot on the 18th at the Nabisco.
This got me thinking about my favorite Karrie moment.
The 2002 British Open at Turnburry. The 16th hole Karrie is playing with Beth Bauer they are put on the clock and Karrie rushes her second shot. It flys over the green, she walks up thinking it is in the water. Lucky for her it has stayed up on the bank. She plays a chip shot past the hole by 40 foot. Then just as the commentator is writing her off she drains it for a par.
Moves on to the 17th to make birdie and secure the SUPER SLAM.
My favorite Karrie moment.
So all you Karrie fans lets hear yours.
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Golf fan, I have to go with this year's Nabisco, only because so many had pretty much written her off. Making her first win after being inducted into the Hall of Fame a major was a fitting victory.
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My favorite Karrie Webb moment is when she was interviewed by Brandi Seymour and at the end of the interview...Brandi asked her, "Karrie, how do you say Goodbye in Australian?" Karrie replied, "Goodbye." And Brandi said, "oh, that's the same as in English." And Karrie said, "Brandi, we speak English in Australia!"

I am kidding...that really did not happen!

But seriously, my favorite moment with Karrie was at the KN when she made that eagle at the 18th and climbed on her Caddy. That was fun to watch!
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DB, you had me a sec. i wouldnt put it past brandi to do that

golffan, i remember that event so well. carin koch had the lead going in to that final round (a lot of people were precdicting she would win at the start of the week. laura davies even bet money on her. sigh, i hope someday she contends again...) and karrie put together a fantastic round. horrible conditions and a flawless round.
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