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Top 150 Athlete Golfers

Cristie Kerr & Ray Allen

Now this list is from November 2009: 2009 Ranking: Top 150 Athlete-Golfers: Golf Digest

...but is probably a good barometer of how good some famous non-professional golfer athletes are on the course...Ray Allen is at #60

...seeing as how this is from 2 years ago...maybe there are some athletes since then who have been discovered to be pretty good...

Top 10 according to Golf Digest

1. Tony Romo (football)
2. Craig Hentrich (football)
3. Mark McGwire (baseball)
4. Mike Schmidt (baseball)
5. Jerry Rice (football...he can dance too, apparently)
6. Mardy Fish (tennis)
7. Livan Hernandez (baseball)
8. Brett Hull (hockey)
9. Nate Roberts (freestyle skiing)
10. Pete Sampras (tennis)
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You would think John Smoltz would be in there.
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JS is...but lower on the list
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