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I remember when Gary Powers was shot down in the soviet Union. It was also in the late 50's when manned and unmanned spy planes were privately acknowledged by service men that were flying back and forth over the Soviet Union. What or who was piloting the unmanned U2's as they were called? Were the unmanned pilots, women, monkeys, squirrels or computers? We have had technology for years before the companies were allowed to publically develop technologies which they had been producing for the government for years.
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Originally Posted by xman5 View Post
A lot of people contributed to the creation of the first micro computers. It is also tied into the first home video game systems. In the mid and late 70's a lot of individuals and companies did work on micor computers.

Remember Jobs and Woz were part of a club of home inventors that shared ideas.

What Jobs and Woz did was create one of the first succesfully micro computers, the Apple II. And yes it was Wozniak that basically did the actual design of the Apple I and II. After that point design was not a person operation anymore.

If you listen to what Wozniak says, what Jobs had it was vision. Jobs certainly wasn't the one who invented the concept for the Graphical Interface or the mouse or the cell phone or other items, but he was able to see these things, recognize how they should be applied and had the ability to lead others to get it accomplished. The Mac.

He had the concept of your music everywhere. The ipod. The tablet computer has been around a while and had been a failure every time until the Ipad.
Computers date back from the Garden of Eden. Eve had an Apple and Adam had a Wang!
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