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Sportswriters, etc...

Herre: This week's Safeway Classic wrapped up qualifying for the Solheim Cup. I see Michelle Wie made the team. Any surprises or takes?
Dusek: My hands are still down.
Godich: For all of the depth on the PGA Tour, I'd say Wie's making the team speaks to the lack of depth among the American women.
Wei: Right. It's cool to see Juli Inkster, 51, become the oldest player to qualify for a Solheim Cup team. She's an incredible player and person, but what does that say about the state of American women's golf?
Hanger: Wie is still probably the most recognizable LPGA'er for the average sports fan. She brought some much-needed glamour to the event last time, and played well. I think it's great she's on the team.
Van Sickle: Wie should be on the team. Though she's still a part-time pro and full-time student, there aren't three (if any) American players with more talent than she has.
Herre: It's fun to watch the ladies in the Solheim setting. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. It was cool to see Wie, who can appear to be a little detached, get sucked into all the excitement last time.
Godich: I watched a good bit of the Solheim Cup the last time around. There was no shortage of quality golf.
Wei: Who didn't? The Solheim Cup was fantastic two years ago; I loved the energy and excitement. Even my friends who had never watched a second of women's pro golf were captivated.
Shipnuck: Yes, the surprise is that this time around Europe should be the favorite.
Van Sickle: This Solheim Cup is going to put a spotlight on just how many of the world's best players aren't eligible to play in the event. Many of the top players are from Asia or places other than Europe and America. The LPGA needs to figure out a way to work in a third team of some kind, whether it's Korea or Asia or Rest of the World. America vs. Europe feels like the undercard.
Herre: Right. The LPGA is really missing the boat here, and we talk about it every two years. A three-team event could be big for the LPGA, a point of differentiation, as they say on the biz side.
Walker: Agreed. A Presidents Cup of women's golf would be excellent. Should it be Asia vs. the world?
Godich: I'd take Asia and give you a couple of points.
Van Sickle: It would be more than OK if Asia became the dominant Solheim Cup team. That would heighten the underdog American (North and South) or Euro-Aussie-World squads' interest in dethroning them. Much like playing against the Yankees in the World Series. Plus, interest in women's golf is by far the highest in the Asian markets.
Hanger: Asia vs. the world would make sense. I think the U.S. and the Europeans wouldn't stand a chance without combining squads, and probably not even then.
Wei: Australasia vs. the world makes sense.
Van Sickle: Asia vs. the world would mean combining the U.S. and Europe. That would be odd, but a combo like that might be necessary to make the teams competitive. Otherwise Asia might blow everyone else away. I'd like to see an off-year qualifier where two teams square off and the winning team advances to the Solheim Cup the next year to face the defending champion. You'd have to expand the teams to maybe include North and South America on the U.S. team, and give Australia and Africa to the Euros. The drawback to my format is, of course, the possibility that the U.S. doesn't get into the Solheim Cup, but that would build suspense for the next chance. Kind of like the America's Cup.
Shipnuck: The Solheim is the U.S. vs. Europe. Period. Another event is needed to bring in the rest of the world. My guess is that LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan will make it happen.
Hack: I like the U.S. vs. Asia vs. Europe. They could do a round robin. If that doesn't work, maybe they could just play Nassaus or 'Wolf.'

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''I see Michelle Wie made the team.''

Yep,it really went down to the wire,didn't it ?

It can't possibly be,but it's almost as if some of those people were unaware that Michelle Wie has been guaranteed a place on the Solheim team for many,many months.

It's like they looked at the standings for the first time ever,on Sunday evening.

Hey,I see Cristie Kerr made the team...

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Oh my god, Wie ... again!

Do they not pay attention to anything else. She's been a mathematical lock for the team for months, if not all season. Get with the program! I see Van Sickle is still trotting out the part-time pro line about her. Also, not true. She's played every event this year except the Founders Cup.

They finally got around to talking about something that mattered, Solheim Cup with Asia and/or the rest of the world.

How about a three team Solheim format
America (North, Central and South)
Europe and Africa
Asia and Australia

Any players from Antarctica can bid for which team they want to be on.

I don't think it's a done deal that Asia would dominate.
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The Solheim Cup is a success so I would not change it. If you have to have Asian golfers in some sort of team competition, then work that out among the Asians and keep the USA and Europe out of it.
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1) It doesn't work as 3 teams.

2) It is a success the way it is. Actually a big success. Why mess with it.

3) Start another cup for US vs Asia+non Europe. Wait they did that and it was a total failure.
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Why change what doesn't need changed?
Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
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Buzzer....I appreciate your posting this stuff every now and then. Mostly I don't give it much attention as to what they say.

But...this one is just ridiculous! It shows how CLUELESS these guys are. As was pointed out....Wow!!...Michelle Wie made the team!! It's like they never knew that fact before yesterday. How ignorant.

Also, rehashing all this stupid shit about Asia being involved. That's already been tried....Lexus Cup....fail! How about we keep SOME small tradition going for the LPGA? What's next? A 6th major if the right sponsor comes up with the big bucks?

Can't believe one of these guys name is "Hack." Seriously...did y'all notice that? How fitting.

Anyway, Buzz...thanks for posting. It's entertaining.
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Good catch on Hack, Lojo. I didn't notice, but it's certainly appropriate.
Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
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I was a die-hard keep it the way it is advocate for the Solheim Cup but I've come to realize that it is broken. It was set up to be a test between the best in the world when the best in the world all were in either the US or Europe. That's not true anymore.

The Lexus Cup didn't work for a variety of reasons, primarily because it was in December and it wasn't on television and also because for US and European players the Solheim Cup already existed and they couldn't get excited about another team competition. That doesn't mean changing the Solheim to include players from Canada or Australia or Japan isn't a good idea.

So keep the Solheim Cup once every two years. Don't add another team event in the middle of December that's not on television in the west. But add players from the rest of the world. It should be easy enough to change the format to accommodate three teams. The days of western hemisphere only golf are over, like it or not.

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Isn't Europe in the eastern hemisphere?
Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
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