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My office chair and desk shook. reminded me of my drinking days.
Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
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I was filling my gas tank today and some poor old woman poked her head around from the other side of the pump and asked me if I felt the earthquake. I told her Irene was a hurricane, but wasn't even close to us yet. She said, "No, the earthquake". She said she lives alone and her cat jumped in her lap....she continued about how the quake was going to get us all, and if it didn't then Irene would. This old lady was really scared.
When I got home my neighbor told me about the quake....and now I feel terrible because I figured the old lady was just a little kookalagutz.
NO! I didn't feel anything...but that poor old lady sure did....so did her cat, I guess.

Viva Annika
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Thought about you today Buzzer - I heard on the news here that it was felt from Ontario to SC. Hey, you be nice to old ladies who live with their cats! (in my defence, I have a dog too!)
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Originally Posted by LoJo View Post

Honestly...and this is going to sound racist or, at best, provincial...fans of the Solheim Cup are not interested in the Asian players.
Ahem,ahem !!

I'm a fan of the Solheim Cup and it can be said that I have a passing interest in the Asian players.

Your provincialism aside (huggs),I agree that the Solheim Cup doesn't need Asian players to improve it.In fact,it doesn't need anything to improve it as it's a great competition as it stands.

Christ,it works.It's one of the only things in women's golf that gets attention outside of the usual channels.It needs no 'modernisation'.

I'd love to see an Asia vs the USA contest,but that would be something completely separate from the Solheim ;not part of it.

The golfing landscape has certainly changed since its inception in 1990,but that's no reason to tinker with it.The fact that most of the best players in the world don't compete at the Solheim is irrelevant.

Q-School lacks pizazz,the world's best players are nowhere to be seen ;perhaps the top 50 on the money list could turn up there,too...

Pax Vobiscum
Saint-Just X
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When will some people get the Solheim is a team event and NOT an individuals event. While it may well be Asian players cohese better as a team than the US players do, I see no reason for any change.

The US men are particularly bad and never really seem to gel as a team, hence the often better performance by Europe or the Rest of the World..
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Originally Posted by heddwyn View Post
While it may well be Asian players cohese better as a team than the US players do, I see no reason for any change.
I wouldn't say that. Korean, Japanese, Chinese. Who is creating the team?

What is the governing body that decides the Asian team? It can't be only LPGA players. In Solheim the LPGA decided the US team and the LET decides the Euro team. The main Asian dominance on the LPGA is Korean, however there are many Japanese players that rank high on Rolex that do not play on the LPGA. Who is deciding?

It's not so simple.

The Solheim has the LPGA and the LET behind it. The Lexus cup failed because it did not have that Dynamic. It was just the LPGA and it was International vs Asian and was only played in Asia and no one cared.

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