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I can do without the "over the top" celebs like George Lopez et al, but I have watched Pro-Ams where other athletes have competed, and they're pretty good golfers - it's not something that would really make me tune in however.

I just received an email from the LPGA telling me that I can get "FREE SHIPPING" on any orders over $75.00 from their pro-shop, but alas, I live in Canada (where there IS an LPGA tournament) and it doesn't apply to me. Nice try LPGA, but I'll keep watching....you haven't lost me.....yet.
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As long as they have GRAND or something like that in the title of the event... and nice to look at on TV helps to. Known names in TV/Movie and sports helps to, but careful of the focus.

Also 'too much show' has a habit of sounding a bit tinny half way through, and most golf watchers are thoughtful thinkers.... after all this is a game of strategy, not song & dance. Shout out the magic of golf, and I well go watch a movie.
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