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How about them synchronized swimming, eh? My favorite event in the Olympics followed by rhythmic gymnastics. Wow! How does those girls so synchronized?

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Why do South Koreans do better in golf than Americans?
According to a study on Olympics results, they are better athletes than the Americans.
Medals per Capita of Nations with competitive Golf.
1. New Zealand
2. Denmark
3. Australia
4. Netherlands
5. Great Britain (over rated as a host country)
6. Ireland
7. Sweden
8. Norway
9. South Korea
10. Germany
11. Canada
12. France
13. Switzerland
14. Italy
15. USA
16. Spain
17. Japan
18. Taiwan
19. China
20. Mexico
21. Thailand
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Based on the study PER CAPITA made for the Olympics. Using the Rolex rankings and giving 100 points to the top player (Yani) and 1 point to the 100th player. Here are the rankings by country for the LPGA players (surprised that Canada does not have any players in the top 100).

Population per points in the 100 top Rolex Ranking.

1 South Korea 27,079.15
2 Sweden 36,086.25
3 Norway 52,691.58
4 Japan 134,368.42
5 Australia 164,608.77
6 Taiwan 167,151.10
7 Paraguay 270,833.33
8 Netherlands 328,073.92
9 USA 346,661.50
10 Spain 375,579.50
11 Great Britain 409,618.42
12 Ireland 655,464.57
13 Italy 698,580.82
14 Germany 717,815.79
15 France 1,485,227.27
16 South Africa 1,806,669.89
17 Thailand 1,818,873.69
18 China 13,473,500.00
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I'm not surprised there are no Canuck pros in the top 100.....golf is not popular with young girls/teens.
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videos on my blog: Polish Olympian Zofia Noceti-Klepacka To Auction Bronze Medal To Raise Money For 5-Year Old Girl With Cystic Fibrosis | Fairways and Forehands

Zofia Noceti-Klepacka went to the 2012 London Summer Olympics with the hopes not only of winning a medal for herself, but for a very dear neighbor. The 26-year old Polish windsurfer was competing for her neighbor, 5-year old Zuzia, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, a serious and fatal disease that causes infections in the lungs and digestive system. The surgeries and medicine have sorely taxed Zuzia’s family. Zofia promised Zuzia that were she to win a medal at the Olympics, she would sell it to help with the medical costs to Zuzia’s family. As fate would have it, Zofia did win a bronze medal and is making good on her promise. What I hope happens is that somebody with the resources to help simply donates the money and lets Zofia keep her medal. But if she needs to sell it, then so be it. I wish for it not to come to that. Surely some person or organization will be moved to help. Of course, people around the world suffer from cystic fibrosis and many other ailments. Some might argue why focus only on this one. Well…because it is important to save one. Maybe you can’t save the world, but saving one is more than worth the effort. There is no guarantee Zuzia will survive, but Zofia has known Zuzia since her birth. The blessing is in trying to save the little girl. Whatever happens is up to a greater power.

Don't fear failure. — Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.

---Bruce Lee

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