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Originally Posted by LoJo View Post

Charley Hull is a pure golfing talent. Not overly polished swing and not mental at all. I saw her in a national amateur event when she was 15 or 16 yrs old. It was really clear then that she was going to be a star.
Every part of the swing is too fast. Can that be a long term swing without a bad effect on her back, wrists and knees. Hey at 19 she is making a lot of power, but I fear for injury.

Working now but this could be a circumstance where in time it has to be adjusted. Now it is pure talent. With polish she could be right up there near the top. It is starting to get crowded up there.

Too me she is still raw. Needs to slow down other things. Walk slower, and better overall pace.

I like the idea of waiting a little before going full time on the lpga.
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I agree Charley's swing is raw. Very quick. It could be a detriment to her later on or in situations where one naturally gets a little faster with pressure. A lot of Europeans have "different" swings. Seve always counseled young players not to change anything that worked. How many players have been ruined by a golf guru who decided they needed to change their swings? Too many!

Charley is a bit hyper, which usually is detrimental to golf. I think as she matures she'll settle down.

Speaking of very quick swings....I should have mentioned Brittany Lincicome as a pure talent, also with an unconventional swing. Her lack of practice has held her back.
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In addition to those mentioned I'd add Karrie Webb.
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What about Amanda Blumenherst and Marina Stuetz? Everyone had huge expectations for them based on talent but now are nowhere to be seen.
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Originally Posted by fetucinialfokcu View Post
What about Amanda Blumenherst and Marina Stuetz? Everyone had huge expectations for them based on talent but now are nowhere to be seen.
Yes, I thought Amanda was going to do big things on tour. Glad she's happy in life now.

Also, I was wondering...we used to hear about how the Seoul Sisters, the Korean players, or those with Korean heritage, would open and close the practice range...as if others didn't work hard too...but anyway, I was wondering where some of them ranked in terms of pure talent vs working their games into elite status...obviously, you need hard work and talent to sustain a career...

...from reading this thread so far I am hearing:

Talent: Se Ri Pak, Hyo Joo Kim, Angela Park (yes, she is Brazilian...still a Seoul Sister), Michelle Wie (American, but ditto), So Yeon Ryu, Grace Park

Work ethic: Inbee Park

Where do players like Na Yeon Choi, Jiyai Shin and Chella Choi fall on this spectrum...more to the talent side or more to work ethic...again, acknowledging that everybody works hard...
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Neither JiYai Shin nor Na Yeon Choi struck me as "nose to the grindstone" players like some of the other Korean players are. That's not to say they don't work hard, but I don't think they worked as hard as some of the others. You have Pak listed under talent, but you should probably list her more under work ethic - very few worked as hard as Pak did. It's part of the reason why she burnt out at the end of 1998, and probably why she's struggling with injuries now.
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Originally Posted by Blue View Post
Agree about Angela Park. She's like Anthony Kim. What happened to him?
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