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BKB your post belongs in the mylpga hall of fame as its charter best post ever. What an enlightening observation! I'm particularly referencing your pointing out how difficult it is to follow your favorite golfer when she is not doing well.

Many times I'll purposely not check on live scores if I know I'll have the opportunity to watch a tournament on tv. Then when I sit down to watch the telecast, taped or live, I'm disappointed if my favorite golfers aren't doing well. Right ... no chance they'll make the telecast unless you're a Wie fan (yikes). Heck I even get disappointed as well when early rounds are telecast and the tee times aren't favourable for seeing who I want to see.

One can argue the other side of the fence that this scenario provides opportunity to follow players one might not ever have the opportunity to see play and variety is better, rather than seeing the same faces every week ... a la Chrissie and Martina in tennis for a decade. On the other hand, let's say I'm a Natalie Gulbis fan and I see her pic on every printed ad or online promo the tour has - how often has she done well enough to be on tv at all? The tour's marketing machine creates stars then sometimes doesn't deliver.

I have to agree with BKB/CT about it being more easier to follow the WTA players. The WTA's marketing machine seldom fails to deliver because, first of all, the stars consistently advance into the late rounds more often than women golfers being in the final groups week in and week out ... but I speak in general terms here. The WTA does provide more avenues for watching matches, particularly the Majors. Whether on the WTA site itself or bloggers or most sports site's coverage (ESPN, CBS, etc.), I tend to see more point highlights and match replays of tennis than I do the LPGA. It's just plain fact that tennis is bigger business and when the women play in the same events as the men, the media infrastructure is there to promote and "make visible" the womens game.

Tennis is a "fast" sport - players are more visible on tv, there are increased levels of drama, there are top notch announcers, and more opportunities to follow the sport. That's pretty hard to compete with when trying to capture the general public's attention.

Did any of this make sense? It's either early in the day or later at night when I get these opportunities to contribute.
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Originally Posted by bangkokbobby View Post

...actually now that I think about it...the Masters had something interesting...where you could for free watch online...through CBS Sports online I think...Amen corner...then a specific group or two...it was something like that...I was watching that along with the regular broadcast...not quite the same as watching whomever you want...and the LPGA does have events where there is a camera or cameras on a specific hole or holes...still not the same...
I got the Masters iPad app this year and they have a couple of holes they show all the time (amen corner and 15 if I recall). There is no commentary if I recall, but the video showing the players name. I really like this aspect of watching the Masters. You can see every player go through those holes.
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CT....they are doing that with two holes at the WGC this weekend. I didn't try it, but the flake (Terry Gannon) was talking about it. I guess you have to go to TGC and pick it up there. I might try it tomorrow.

Viva Annika
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