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Hi ya Putter....when I first did this "AAAarnie stuff, it was a real long time ago....perhaps at that time, the virus had to complete the listing alphabetically before it could go to the next name....however this was a long time ago...I think the Virus makers have gotten way way smarter and now it probably is just undeliverable like you said

but like I said...it was a free thing and it was easy to do and for awhile, it did give me a Peace of mind

anyway....have a good day in Canada...one of my favorite Players is Mike Weir...he is a terriffic Player and also he has the same initials as Wiesy....can't go wrong there....anyway...see ya!!
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Originally Posted by wiefan View Post
Hi ya Blue...if you don't pay anything...you will be assessed the Late Penalty Payment for sure...and they would catch you when it came time for a License renewal...so not paying wouldn't work

anyway...have a good day....see ya!!
I know but the myth says no points were assessed until all financial transactions were completed. If the scofflaw never paid any fines or cashed any checks, no financial transactions could ever be completed.

The people who write these urban legends always leave out the teensy details. They also forgot the fact that in most places when you get a speeding ticket or a ticket for running a red light you're not writing a ticket to the State, you're writing it to the local city, town or county and dealing with the county or municipality not the state.. And also there is no standardized computer system used by every state. In some small places tickets are not even handled by a computerized system.
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I used to work for the RACV .... mmm. Dammit, I hoped this one would never come to light again. ;)
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