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Is Cristie Hurt

Hi everyone. Was curious if anyone knows if Cristie is injured, her start to the season is very unlike Cristie. 2 missed cuts in 4 events. Where she had only 2 missed cuts, one each the last two years. Just was wondering if anyone had some inside information to share.
Everyone have a great day.
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Hi Kerr#1......I read an interview with Cristie a few days ago and she made no mention of being hurt. She said her swing was letting her down and she needed to get on the range and regroup. She didn't seem too concerned....said it happens in golf, and she would just work a little harder to correct it.
Cristie doesn't seem to be a whiner, so if something minor was bothering her I don't think she would bring it up. I also think that having just gotten married that maybe her focus isn't quite back to what it has been. She just needs a little time to get adjusted to her new life.....then I think she will be back to her old form again.
Viva Annika
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cougar was at both Hawaii events, and he reported that Cristie was sick the week she missed the cut.
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Thanks for the onformation. Does make feeel a little better. Been following Cristie for 4 years and she is my favorite. Really enjoy the LPGA.
Take care all
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