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Originally Posted by gxer View Post

Out of pity, I am giving you one more chance to admit you have changed your opinion about women and men competing together or I am taking the advanced sort option on this message board and bury you with your own words.
Sounds like a lot of trouble. I don't think the rest of us care one wit.
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Originally Posted by Blue View Post
What do you mean "coming our way?"

I have never, ever, not for a second, contended that men and women can compete at the same level.
Blue's position on women and men competing together.
She was actually 15, but I'm willing to quit toying with you obsessive Wie nuts for now. You guys can get all foamy at the mouth about how she'll do against the guys in Korea. I actually think it's her best chance yet, and all this upcoming season, to make the cut. It's certainly the weakest field, unless she gets an invite to The Nationwide Tour. And, I do support women playing with the men, unlike some of the others on this board, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Four Year Violation ?

Whoa! Don't confuse me with the people on this board that don't support women playing with men. I'm all for women challenging men. I supported Annika playing at the Colonial, I support the new British Open rules allowing women to qualify, I'm glad Michelle's trying to qualify for the US Open. I'm not happy about exemptions being handed out to anyone: woman, man, or monkey just to create a circus act, but if a tournament sponsor thinks a player has earned an exemption, fine. In Michelle's case, I'm not sure the latter has also been the case.

Four Year Violation ?
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You still don't understand, gxer.

I was arguing that women have the right to play against men if they want. I still believe in that. If a woman wants to try, let her. What's the harm? The PGA Tour is not called the MPGA Tour and no rules say that you have to be a man to enter qualifying for the US Open.

I never then, and still don't believe, any woman can be competitive against men, but I don't oppose them trying if they want.

If you read the whole thread, it's a long argument about Michelle Wie. When I said in the quote above about Michelle Wie, "...I actually think it's her best chance yet, and all this upcoming season, to make the cut..." I was giving my assessment of Wie's chances to make the cut against men. The quote was from April 2006 and as it turned out she did make the cut the next month in an Asian Tour event -- barely, and in a rain-shortened event against a weak field. That doesn't mean she was competitive. Barely making a cut is not being competitive.

Funny that back then were taking for granted the fact that Michelle Wie would make the cut in any women's event she entered and were debating her chances of making the cut against men. Now we're not even sure she can make the cut against women....
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