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Turkey chili recipe??

I'm trying to have a more open mind about the LPGA's marketing efforts. Maybe the Oscar gown episode was effective in showing that the players knew how to wear diamonds. And maybe the cross promotions between rookies on tour and NASCAR rookies will be effective with people who follow both sports.

But for the life of me, I can't figure out why there is a feature on the LPGA home page on "Nancy Lopez's Turkey "Chili Magic" recipe.

Let's see, we learn that Nancy Lopez, undoubtedly one of the greatest women golfers ever, but pretty much retired, has a recipe for turkey, some specific brand of organic canned tomatos and a bunch of spices. Oh, goody. I know that whenever I want to cook some kind of turkey or chili, I'm sure to go to a golfing web site and get the recipe of my favorite retired golfer turned housewife. Yissirree, that's where I go for my recipes. And, it also makes me feel so much more positive about golf and the ability of women golfers to know that they can also whip up a mean batch of Turkey Chili Magic using crushed Muir Glen organic tomatoes.

Obviously, they have some sponsorship deal going with Canyon Ranch and Muir Glen canned tomatoes, and they thought that this was the best way to do the promotion. I'll take a simple banner add any day. This is just stupid. Leave the recipes off, LPGA.
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Blue - couldn't agree more! This is GOLF news? What next, Amy Alcott's secrets to removing grass stains? I mostly use the LPGA site for finding scores during a tournament or checking the field. It's always quite entertaining to go in there and see what assinine "feature" they have that has nothing whatsoever to do with golf.

I've been a Nancy Lopez fan since she was a rookie on the tour, but I'll be damned if I'm going to hunt for these "sponsored" ingredients just to make a batch of chili! I guess the LPGA looks at Nancy as an "icon" and have probably told these sponsors that as soon as this recipe appears on the website, the whole world will be out buying this stuff and their stock will go through the roof! :roll:
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Add ne to the "who cares?" list on this one. What does a chili recipe have to do with anything?
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