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Fair to say if data from the course is not getting captured quickly, relayed and entered in a timely manner, even a good web site won't matter too much. It's just seems that if someone's devised a pretty good system (from reporting shots and stats to reflecting that data in a very effective manner on a web site), then why not emulate what works? Check out the real time scoring for a PGA tournament. You can even compare it to live action during a broadcast and it's usually quite real time. The PGA site also lists shot by shot action for the hole being played. "Shot 1, 310 yard drive to right rough, 215 yard to hole" sort of thing. That was a huge leap from updates happening only upon completion of a hole, and makes following the action quite more captivating then just watching the score change.
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Real time scoring is of major importance to the LPGA because the LPGA tourneys do not get as much TV coverage as the PGA.
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All the more they should do as good a job if not better than what the PGA offers for real time scoring via the web.
It'd be interesting to compare what kind of resources are put towards this between the PGA and LPGA. I imagine the PGA sinks considerably more money per tournament to provide what they do. Then again, who wouldn't want to volunteer to collect shot statistics at any of these events? I don't care who I'd have to follow - sign me up!
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PGA uses ShotLink technology for its scoring. LPGA does not have the resources (yet) to use this system.

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