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LPGA Pension - What is it ?

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone can offer any information in regards to the LPGA Pension system, What is it, How do the players qualify and what kind of money are we looking at ?

You often hear about how much Tiger Woods is likely to get once his career is over, It would be interesting to hear what the leading LPGA Players are looking at once they put away the clubs !
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Despite all the support, Washam had big worries. She had medical insurance, but the prospects of paying off her surgeries and ensuing recovery remained daunting. Even before this, she had questioned her finances. She had played in 5,000 events, counting official, unofficial and pro-am stuff, but missed the boom times of the tour.

Since turning 50, she has received an LPGA pension, but just a couple hundred dollars per month.

"I had questioned myself, 'What the heck is going on here? I put all those years in and have nothing,'" she admitted. "All of a sudden a couple of players called me."

Washam was told of the LPGA's catastrophic medical fund, a godsend. Whatever her insurance won't cover, the fund will.

She feels better already.

"That will get me back on my feet," she promised.
You may also want to post your question in the Q&A Sophie forum to get her input.
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