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LPGA New 2020 Priority List!

I'm Back

For those of you who have wondered why I have deleted my Tonys LPGA Report website, it just became too much work for me to keep it up.

I was putting an average of 20 hours of work into it each week. As most of you may know, I never advertised on my blog, so I never made a penny doing this.

The blog was very successful and was the #5 golf website, and #1 golf blog in the world.

Good News!

Womensgolf.com (who is the #1 golf website in the world), recently contacted me and said they would be thrilled if I would join their team and write about the LPGA and women's golf in general.

I was a bit hesitant at first, but after a few discussions, I was assured that there would be "no pressures, expectations, schedule or deadlines".

I believe this is a win win for both parties, as I can send to them my fanbase, and in return I can now write at my leisure and continue to have media access at all the tournaments that I will be attending.

That said, the LPGA announced the new 2020 LPGA Priority List. The Priority List determines which players get into their weekly tournaments. Here is the link to my first article for my new website:

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Good luck.
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Originally Posted by xman5 View Post
Good luck.
Thank You.
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