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Question Parents as Caddies...$$$

This statement from Wikipedia on caddie pay seems to be mostly correct.

In a professional golf tour setting, a player often pays their caddy a percentage of their winnings, which can be as high as 10%. A common pay scale is 5% for making the cut, 7% for a top 10, and 10% for a win. The caddy also usually receives a salary, as the player is not guaranteed to win money at every tournament.

My question is, if a parent decides to caddie full time for a daughter or son, would you expect that daughter or son to pay the parent the normal fees for being a professional caddie?

Now of course, for this discussion, I do mean that the parent is in fact good enough as a caddie to be considered a professional caddie.
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I wouldn't. And at the point that they seem to be making it I would get a real caddie.

I know I would be a good caddie.

Not sure that I could do it for a whole tournament.

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