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2010 Rookies : Tanya Dergal

Tanya Dergal, another player from Mexico. Now Lorena Ochoa has some company, (maybe she well be Tanya's big sister.... though I think those things are already decided). I could not get a lot of info on Tanya, maybe others here can find more.

What I do know is she is 25 years old, 5 foot 4 inches tall, has played on both Cactus Tour, and the Deramed Futures tour, is another Trogan form USG, (they have a number of rookies on the LPGA tour this year), and that Lorena is probably her idol. :-)

(1) This is the player profile from USG, for years 2003 to 2005. http://www.usctrojans.com/sports/w-g...l_tanya00.html

(2) This is her profile from the DFT Tour, for years 2008 to 2009. http://www.duramedfuturestour.com/Pl...rgalTanya.html

(3) This is a full list of the DFT events Tanya played in 2009. http://www.golfdata.se/guide/spg_res...8914&Year=2009
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Ok, my two cents:

She won't have a brilliant career as Lorena, but hopefully she'll do better than Violeta Retamoza and Sophia Sheridan.

She hasn't been in the spotlight as much as other mexican golfers, so we'll see.
Greetings from Mexico!
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