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2010 Rookies : Paola Moreno

Aha, I see the LPGA site is starting to put up some info on the 2010 Rookies, and they well have a new one up for the next 4 weeks, (4 Rooks at a time).

On with our show.... The Colombians. Ah yes, and there are two of them from Columbia this year, and the first one I well talk about is Paola Moreno. She is Priority Status 16, so she well have to make the best of her opportunities in 2010. Paola is 5 foot 6 inches and 24 years old, finished all of her college at USC. Below are 3 articles on her, and one that is just a picture. No videos that I could find. :-)

(1) Picture only from the LPGA site. LPGA.com

(2) This is the USC's Player Bio/Profile of Paola, from years 2004 to 2007. http://www.usctrojans.com/sports/w-g...o_paola00.html

(3) This is from the USC again, (April 2008), and talks about her in capturing the Pack 10 Titles. http://www.usctrojans.com/sports/w-g...042308aaa.html

(4) This last article is from the Duamed Futures Tour, titled 'Just Call Her Graduate'. http://www.duramedfuturestour.com/En...s/FS052109.ssi
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