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2010 Rookies : Nannette Hill

Do not know a lot about her, and as she is Priority 16 we well have to keep an eye out for Nannette Hill. This I know.... she is from New York, (born and raised there), and attended golf college at Wake Forest NY. Nannette is 22 years of age, and has had some good golf success in her area of playing. Below are 5 articles.... but no video. :-)

(1) This is Nannette's Player Bio from Wake Forest University, which has states of her play for years 2005 to 2008, and some background to 2002. http://wakeforestsports.cstv.com/spo...annette00.html

(2) This is short article in Oct 2007, of her being honored as player of the week by Golf World. http://wakeforestsports.cstv.com/spo...103107aab.html

(3) Here are two articles of her when she played at the Harder Hill Invitational, in Jan 2009. http://www2.highlandstoday.com/conte...-invitational/


(4) In this article Nannette is awarded player of the month, March 2009. http://wakeforestsports.cstv.com/spo...030309aaa.html

(5) This is a short article about Nannette's successful try in the LPGA sectional quarter finals Q School, in Sep 2009. http://golf.lohudblogs.com/2009/09/21/hill-moves-on/

Unfortunately I could not find an article of her passing Q School and getting her 16 PS Card.
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