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2010 Rookie : Whitney Wade

Whitney Wade is a 24 year old 5 foot 3 inch smiling spitfire. She does not drive off the tee all that far, but her accuracy in keeping the ball in the fairway is in the 80 % range.... this is a straight shooter. Whitney's Priority Status though is only 17, and just like Alison Walshe well have to be making the best of her chances.

Born and raised in Glasgow Kentucky USA, she entered the University of Georgia and became a Georgia Bulldog in years 2003 to 2006. In 2007 to 2009 she played in the DTF, and in 2009 made all her cuts, plus making top tens and win. She is a good pal of former Bulldog Jean Reynolds, (who is also a Rookie this year on the LPGA), who she calls 'Elmer', and answers herself to 'Taz'. Besides her smile, she has a nice southern accent. :-)

Below are some links on Whitney. Some pictures, articles and bios.... also some videos, and a 5 part audio with her.

(1) Just a picture of Whitney, (I hope it well work). http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_qSO0DS51Xm...itney_wade.jpg

(2) This is a nice article of the early part of Whitney's golf career, (it is called 'Friends Teammates and Competitors'). http://www.usgirlsjunior.org/2003/results/friends.html

(3) This is her Bio from the University Of Georgia. http://www.georgiadogs.com/ViewArtic...&ATCLID=394143

(4) This is 4 links to info from her time with the DTF, (one on her win on the DTF, her Bio there, whats in her bag, and an article called 'Kentucky Underdog No More').





(5) Here are 2 videos, (of her win in 2009 on the DTF), and the first part of a 5 part audio of Whitney on the 'Wes & West Show', (this last link is part one.... the rest of the parts are on the same page to the right).



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She ,looks,like, a, healthy, girl,
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Originally Posted by notaxbill View Post
She ,looks,like, a, healthy, girl,

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