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Annika Sörenstam is considered, by many, as the best women’s golfer ever. Her perseverance and passion for the game took her to places she never imagined. After 15 LPGA seasons she decided to step away from competitive golf to start a family an build her brand. Her first victory came at t5he US Women’s Open in 1995. In her career she accomplished 83 victories, she was inductee into the Hall of Fame and she won eight Player of the Year... Read More »

Just as it was expected, last Friday the IOC approved the inclusion of golf into Rio de Janeiro 2016 program. The news buried other sport’s hopes, such as baseball, softball, squash, karate and others.Golf debuted in Paris 1900 and the last time it was part of the Olympic Games was in St. Louis 1904. Golf’s comeback isn’t a surprise, the International Golf Federation used as many resources as it had and had the best players in the world to speak... Read More »

Today around noon the IOC announced that the venue for the 2016 Olympic Games will be Rio de Janeiro.The question here is: how is this related to golf?, a sport which is basically making its return to the programme after more than 100 years, unless something weird happen next week when the Committee votes (October 9th). Talking about golf, Rio de Janeiro doesn’t have a huge structure or lots of tough course, actually there are only 2 that migh... Read More »

The LPGA keeps losing events and things aren’t precisely in great shape. This year they started the season without two great tournaments, the Fileds Open and the Ginn Tribute; a couple of months ago the Kapalua LPGA Classic, which was supposed to take place in October withdrew from the schedule, this situation led to the “resignation” of Comissioner Bivens, the truth is some players decided it was time for her to leave. Of course... Read More »