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The cart path is a free drop, so one club length from the nearest point. No moving backwards along any line between the spot on the path and flag. Lateral hazard you have options. One of them allows you to go backward as far as you want. You create an imaginary line from the flag to the entry spot, and extend the line backward and drop on this extended line. But I have to say most people decide based upon which half of the cart path the ball is on.... Read More »

I’ve been thinking of buying one of these for a while now. The golf course I play at has fairly narrow fairways, and a rough that stand higher then my waist. I hit the ball fairly far, however accuracy is a problem on this course as a few degrees off and you spend the time looking for your golf ball in the rough. I constantly lose golf balls which adds about 10 strokes to my game. I’m not worried about this however, looking for golf... Read More »

This has got to be the most interesting driver release into the market. The driver features two modes of adjustment for ball trajectory control. First from the shaft which features a new Flight Control Technology allowing you to change the face angle of the club at address from 8 different positions, ranging from slightly open to neutral to slightly closed. This is done by completely removing the driver head which is connected by one small bolt, and... Read More »

This is the best distance driver I have used, It hits further then other golf drivers because it launches off the face quite high, so the distance comes from the ball staying in the air longer rather going low and rolling along the ground. It feels great to hit, I use it with a standard graphite shaft which is actually pretty whippy for a standard shaft, it almost feels like a senior shaft from the amount of wippyness it has. This is not a ball control... Read More »

Golf equipment is used in the sport of golf. The different items that comprises part of the golf set are: a golf ball, golf clubs which include woods, irons, and a putter designed for striking the golf ball. A golf bag used for storing the clubs. A golf buggy that is used for transporting the golf bag. These items are all you need to start playing golf. The rest of the golf equipment are accessories that are helpful however not required. These include... Read More »

Tiger Woods attended, for the first time, a press conference and even when he talked about his infidelity exclusively with Golf Channel and ESPN, he hadn’t given a shot to the rest of the media. Still, he finally broke silence prior to the Masters. The press conference lasted around 30 minutes. Forty thousand people went to Augusta National to follow closely Woods’ first practice round. The galleries were huge and it seemed like it was... Read More »

In previous posts we’ve talked about terms and elements of a course; today we’ll close this series of entries with a fundamental issue: the clubs. There are 4 types and, as you can imagine, there’s a reason for this. Woods They are designed for long shots, from tee to fairway and from fairway to green. If you want to recognize them easily just look for the”chubby”ones; they have big rounded clubheads with long shafts.... Read More »

Today we’ll talk about the elements of the golf course. All of them have a function in the game, therefore is important to know a bit more about them. Tee box This is where the golfer hits the ball for the first time. It’s a plain surface that can be higher, even or lower that the green level; there’s a plaque that shows the yardage and par of the hole. Fairway In few words, it’s the area that separates the tee from the green.... Read More »

No, world #1 didn’t come back to play, instead he apologized for his behavior; Woods stood up in front of a media frenzy that started 3 months ago, after he crashed his SUV into a tree in the gated community where he lives, or used to live, Isleworth. Woods has been in therapy for 45 days. “Now, everyone of you has good reason to be critical of me; I want to say to each of you simply and directly, I’m deeply sorry for my irresponsible... Read More »